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  • Tony Meyer

What in the Funko POP is happening?

If you are into Funko POPs, and at this point who isn' have probably seen some sort of Chase Variant POP somewhere. It seems like in 2020 every single store has it’s own exclusive Funko POP Chase Variant to bring customers in and drive collectors crazy! Here is a little additional information about Chase POPs to help you with your collection.

So what are Chase POPs? A Chase or an Exclusive Funko POP is a variant of a common Funko POP figure and can range in rarity. The actual POP figure inside the box will be slightly different and the boxes will have a special sticker on the front to showcase the difference from the original version. Depending on the retailer, comic con or special release there can be a ratio of 1 Chase to every 36 POPs produced or even as frequent as 1 Chase for every 6 POPs. There are sooo many different kinds of different Chase and Exclusives out there on the market and some command some massive price tags, but if you are looking to start a Chase collection you can pretty much start the next time you are out shopping. Just as an example some exclusive and chase stickers you can find are: Limited Chase Edition, Barnes & Noble Exclusives, Only at Walmart Exclusive, Box Lunch Exclusives, Limited Glow in the Dark Chase, FYE Exclusive, Funko Exclusive Fall Convention LE, Only at Toys R Us Exclusive, Gamestop Exclusive, Exclusive Marvel Collector Corps, Funko Special Editions, SDCC Exclusive, Hot Topic Exclusives and the list can keep on going! As mentioned earlier there are a lot of Exclusive POPs that command some outrageous prices but just because there is a little sticker on the box does not mean that it is worth its weight in gold. A good rule of thumb in POP collecting if you are concerned about profiting off your investment, is to start looking for the Chase or Exclusive POPs. With that being said you should collect what you like and if you are collecting to also invest try and stick with popular movie franchises such as Marvel, Disney and especially anything Horror related.

If you are starting to get the itch to start collecting some rare Chase Funko POPs or have some you are looking to sell please let us know and we will be sure to help!

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