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We just got in a large batch of video games back from the video game grading company WATA games and there are some really nice gems! Most of these video games are still factory sealed and span various video game systems including the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, GameCube, PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Advance! These video games have come from various different personal collections all over the country, WATA also grades loose video games and complete in box games as well. Lets get into some of the highlights of this batch!

Starting with one of the most collectible video game consoles the Nintendo NES, we graded 5 games in total with some really nice titles including The Lone Ranger and Mirco Machines. The best grade is on the Star Tropics which received a 9.8 grade with an A+ seal! Very excited to get this back at a very high grade, one of the more beautiful covers in the NES library and looks amazing in that WATA case. Out of the other games that were submitted the best one was the factory sealed Pokemon Emerald which received a 9.4 grade with an A++ seal, just wow. Finding sealed Pokemon games in the wild has become harder and harder to find over the years and in recent times it has almost become impossible.

The state of the collecting and grading market has curved Pokemon games to be very expensive and highly sought after. Once this game gets out on the open market I am sure we will have some interested parties pretty quickly for it. The Star Tropics and the Pokemon Emerald over shadowed the other games but that doesn’t mean the rest aren’t really good! WATA has recently started grading disc based games as well as cartridges and we sent a few of those in as well.

Both of the PlayStation 1 games that were submitted are harder to find games sealed, Um Jammer Lammy got an 8.0 A+ Seal and Shadow Tower came back 6.0 with an A+ seal as well. On top of those the rest of the games were Ikaruga 9.0 A seal, Killer Instinct 7.5 B+ seal and a Tiny Toon Adventures: Busters Hidden Treasure 9.0 A+ seal. All of these games are just so nice looking in the cases and would be welcome additions to any game collections out there.

If you have any additional questions about these games or getting games graded yourself please contact us here!

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