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Profit Share

Ever have a seller come into your store with a large or valuable collection you were unable to purchase? Know someone with a valuable collection who would sell it all for the right price? Don't let the deal get away! Partner with Get Cash for Toys and make profits with absolutely no risk!

Profit Sharing Option 1:

Contact us about the deal. If we successfully acquire the collection we will pay you 10-15% in cash as a referral fee. We are aggressively buying collections and can travel to your seller within 24 hours for the right deal. For small deals merchandise is sent to us and we pay immediately!

Profit Sharing Option 2:

Contact us about the deal. If we successfully acquire the collections we will pay you up to 40% of the profits when we sell the items. We will pay for the deal, and you receive up to 40% of the profits once it has sold, just for referring it to us!

Why let the deal go to auction houses or eBay when you can profit from it with no financial risk?

We've spent over $100 Million on collectibles in the past 5 years! Let our buying power supplement your store income. The bigger and better the deal, the more money you will make.

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