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  • Tony Meyer

I Want to Buy Your Things!!

Have you been collecting games or toys for years? Do you still have your games and toys from when you were growing up? Now is the time to sell! Both of the video game and toy markets are RED HOT right now and may be the best time to move on from your collection or make some space.

Let’s start with the video game market. say what you want about the recent surge in WATA game sales over the past year but it has clearly affected the market. Though the sealed graded video game market might be small, there may be more than ever just collecting loose carts and complete in box games. As you can see in the photo of my recent purchases, Nintendo is still the king, N64 has never been more popular, and it does not seem to matter if it is a Mario game or a sports title.

The Toy market is getting a little surge itself, toys from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s are all flooding the market and the collectors are not complaining. Toys from the 70’s have always been collectible and popular among collectors, the most common and my favorite to purchase are vintage Star Wars action figures. The 80’s toys and been in the collecting lime light for a little bit now with some of the hot toys being G.I. Joe, Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and the ever growing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Though 95% of the Ninja Turtle action figure line came out in the 90’s, TMNT just fell into the 80’s category.

Speaking of the 90’s, to my surprise the toys of this decade are picking up more steam as well. Most of the stuff collectors are looking for are things from the early to mid 90’s such as; The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, (Kenner) Batman the Dark Knight, The Real Ghostbusters, and the Marvel Toy-Biz action figures. The transition has already started, collectors have already dried up the 80’s toy market and have moved onto the 90’s. I predict that soon enough you will see an even larger spike in Sewer Sharks, Mighty Max, Furby, Polly Pocket, and some other forgotten lines. Let’s just all hope Beanie Babies do not come back!

If you have any video games or toys you are looking to “get rid of” now might be the time to do so, and if you are a collector it might be that time to jump ahead of the curve in both markets!

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