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Get Cash for Toys also buys Video Game Collections!

Small collections to large, common to rare games we buy all!!! Recently we purchased a massive collection of video games highlighted by some of the most iconic and even a few rare titles! This collection was comprised of all sorts of games from different consoles including Nintendo NES, SNES & 64, Genesis, Sega CD, and even Atari Jaguar! The best game in this collection was a complete in box Little Samson which is one of the rarest video games on the Nintendo NES market! This game was released late in the year 1992 for the NES, most video game enthusiasts where not playing the NES anymore and moved on to the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis. The late release lead to poor distribution of the game and cause even worse sales, a lot of video games released for the Nintendo NES in the 4th quarter of 1992 suffered the same fate. For additional information about video games or any other you seem pictured please contact us today!

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