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Video Game Collections

Get Cash for Toys also buys Video Game Collections!

Turn Your Toys & Video Games Into Cash Today!


Most big websites want your quality toys and video games on consignment or for their auctions. We will buy them right now! Best of all we are willing to pay you in CASH! No waiting weeks or even months to get paid, no exorbitant auction fees, no risk that the buyer won't pay or that the company that has your collectibles will go out of business, just a fair offer and immediate payment.

DEALERS - we buy from many resellers and the number seems to be growing steadily because let's face it, sometimes being paid in actual cash can be an attractive option.

What We're Buying

  • Star Wars

  • GI Joe

  • Transformers

  • Mego Toys

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • Also all Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Sega and Retro Video Games! 


As collectors, we are looking to pay you cash for your vintage toys and video games. We are paying top dollar for action figures and games from the major product lines from the 1970's to today! We are looking for figures and games in or out of the original packages, and if they are still sealed..even better! Here are just a few examples of what we are currently looking for! 

From giant collections to small ones we buy them all, don't make the mistake of thinking you have nothing valuable! 

How To Sell To Us

Whether you have one thing to sell or a basement full, contact us today to discuss it, and be sure to like and follow all of our social media accounts! 

Three easy ways to contact us:

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