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  • Tony Meyer

Want to see the FIRST EVER Star Wars Action Figures?!

You could not buy these action figures in the store like today...

The only way you could get these action figures in 1978 is by sending in a mail away offer to the American Toy company- Kenner Products. After they received the mail in, they would in turn send you the action figures when production was completed.

What is the reason for this you may ask???

Well, let me take you back to the 1970s! This set was based off the first Star Wars feature film A New Hope which was released in May 1977. During the production of the film, George Lucas did not want to provide the character and vehicle designs to Kenner for action figures in fear of plagiarism. Kenner tried to get their Star Wars toys out by the holiday season of 1977, but when they realized they could not meet the demand, Kenner offered an " Early Bird Certificate Set". Once the certificated was mailed it, Kenner would redeem it for 4 Star Wars action figures (Luke, Leia, Chewbacca and R2-D2).

This specific early bird kit you see pictured here has all four action figures still in the bags and has been sub-graded an 85. The Luke Skywalker is a variant figure and has a double telescoping lightsaber. The overall grade on the set is a 70 EX+ and the sub-grades are (B60 W80 F85)

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